Best European River Cruise Cities

There is nothing as exotic and exciting as the European River Cruising. The rivers of European cities offer a natural, adventitious pathway through historic and modern cosmopolitan cities, with old, medical towns and breath-taking countrysides.

A European River Cruise is a journey across Europe that delivers the best from every European country and city.

It’s a journey that is set at a deliberate pace to allow you to bask in all the beauty that makes up the perfect European cruise experience. From the long winding rivers with their spectacular aqua life, to the busy metropolises of the world.

So, Which Are The Best Cities For European River Cruise?

The beautiful thing about the European River Cruises is that the real gem of Europe is found along the rivers. The downside to this is that it’s up to you to choose which one among the many beautiful rivers and cities of Europe is worth your time and admiration.

However, do not fret. We are here to help you explore the best European River Cruise cities so you can settle for nothing short of the perfect cruise destination. In this destination guide, you’ll get an idea of what awaits you in each port and city.

Amsterdam River Cruises

At the top of our list is the Amsterdam river cruises. These voyages take travelers to one of Europe’s largest cities. As the capital of two significant provinces, Holland and The Netherlands, the Dutch city is famous for its historic canals and bicycles.

Its robust network and infrastructure of canals had earned it the nickname: the Venice of the North. With fantastic cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and stunning sights, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Top places to visit in Amsterdam include Jordan, Jewish Quarter, Old Center, Museumplein, De Wallen, and River IJ Waterfront.


Although smaller than Paris and other French cities, Bordeaux is a stunning city that promises something for art lovers, music, and good food. It’s one of the popular routes on the French River cruises.

The city of Bordeaux is located along the calm waterways of the Garonne River. The Garonne River flows into Spain and France from the tall, tree-lined Pyrenees mountains. The river then flows through another exotic French city, Toulouse.


Brussels River cruises give you the chance to experience the beauty and history of Belgium. The country has one of the most spectacular historic architecture in Europe that makes it a fabulous tourist hub.

Whether you’re a shopper, art lover, or sightseer, you’ll love Brussels River cruises. Notable places to visit in Belgium include Avenue Louis Bertrand, Maison Saint Cyr, and Grand Place.


Fondly referred to as the Paris of the East, the Romanian capital is one of the most architecturally stunning cities of Southeast Europe. Bucharest river cruises take voyagers through the rich and sometimes gothic history of Romania.


Established over 2000 years ago around 1AD, the Budapest river cruise allows voyagers to explore and indulge in the rich culture of one of Europe’s oldest cities. While in Budapest, Hungary, you can visit Margaret Island, the Shores in the Danube, the Chain Bridge, and the Hungarian Parliament Building.


Another river cruise destination in Germany. The Hamburg river cruise will take you through the stunning metropolis with its historic architecture, great food, and beautiful sights. While in Hamburg, be sure to visit the Port of Hamburg, PROTOTYP Museum, and the Museum of Arts and Craft, Hamburg.

The European River Cruises is one large adventure of several rivers snaking through all of Europe’s cities. Other best European River Cruise destinations include Lyon, Munich, Paris, Nice, Prague, Porto, Vienna, and Zurich.

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