9 Gift Ideas For Those Who Like To Be Outdoors

Finding the right gift, one that will be valued and truly enjoyed, can often be a challenge. For those who like to be outdoors, however, it’s quite a bit easier. This is because outdoor pursuits lend themselves to a number of superb accessories and items. Whether it is wild camping that has an individual motivated to get outdoors or the thrill of rock climbing, there is certain to be something that will make their special day even better.

Espresso Maker

Coffee remains one of the world’s most well-loved drinks, so it makes sense that even outside in nature people will enjoy a great brew. This is why an espresso maker, one that is portable and light, makes a great gift. In addition to making the coffee, many will also grind beans too, making it an all-in-one gift for anyone wanting to enjoy coffee outdoors.

Foraging Basket

With the rising popularity of mushroom hunting and wild food gathering, a foraging basket can be the ideal gift. These items are often handcrafted and can even be made from local materials, such as willow, making them extra special.

Solar Chargers

Portable solar panels are now compact and lightweight, making them the ideal accessory for those spending long periods outdoors. They can quickly be unfolded to restore charge to various devices and can even be relied upon in an emergency to help return power to a phone or radio device.

Water Bottle

While many outdoorsy individuals will already be equipped with a water bottle, fewer will have one of modern comfort and technological standards. There are now a number of bottles that offer filter options for purifying and drinking wild water, as well as those with hi-tech insulation features, for hot and cold weather.

Bluetooth Speaker

Taking music with you, whether to accompany a picnic or to offer an exciting score to a surfing session, is a great luxury, one that has been made easier with great sounding and long-lasting Bluetooth speakers.


Combining both style and safety, sunglasses are an essential item for those spending a great deal of time outdoors. In addition to protecting one’s eyes, they also ensure visibility, especially around snow and water, where sunlight can be intensified.

Hand Warmer

The experience of trying to warm hands up on a cold excursion no longer needs to be endured. Now, portable and rechargeable hand warmers are available, instantly bringing warmth to cold extremities.

Memory Map

Available in multiple formats, from scratch-off to colour-in, memory maps are a great way for travellers and outdoorsy individuals to record their explorations, giving them a full map of an area or country to slow cover with their adventures.

An Experience

If you’re stuck for a particular item to gift or fear that they may already own such an item already, then it’s time to consider a gift experience instead! Search local areas for exciting experiences that might take your giftee’s fancy, enabling them to visit places or experience things that they haven’t had the chance to before.

Izzy Casey

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