Great Pieces of Equipment for Your Next Offshore Fishing Trip

Let’s be honest – if you love fly fishing, you probably also love all the gadgets that go along with it. Everyone likes getting a new toy that’ll help them catch bigger and better fish or will just help make a relaxing fishing trip just a bit more chill. From underwater cameras to better fly fishing pliers, there are plenty of gadgets that can make your next fishing trip better.

These are some of our favorites.

Six Great Tools And Gadgets For Offshore Fly Fishing Expeditions

1 – WiFi Fish Finders

Your haul will go way up with a great fish finder. Modern models are fully wireless, using Wi-Fi to connect the sonar to your smartphone or another device. They also typically have GPS integration, giving you exact coordinates for every cast. So, if you find a particularly great fishing spot, you’ll be able to return to it easily on your next trip.

Just keep an eye on their depth rating, so you’ll know they’re suitable for the type of fish you’re angling for.

2 – Underwater cameras

Want to go beyond a basic sonar fish finder?  Attach an underwater camera, such as a GoPro, to your fly. Current models can capture video in up to 4K, and for an hour or more, even in deep water. You’ll be able to see everything that happened on the cast, and you’ll also get a good look at all the other fish in that area – helping you plan for your next expedition!

3 – Magnetic fishing gloves

You always want a good pair of fishing gloves to protect you from hooks, scales, and bites. The best gloves don’t just protect your hands, however. They’re magnetized so that it’s easy to grab and hold onto small metal items like your hooks.  It’s a small thing, but it can remove so much hassle from your fishing trips.

4 – Multi-tool fly fishing pliers 

Everyone needs a good set of fly fishing pliers, for handling small objects and doing crimping. But why stop there? Leatherman-style multitools are available, with pliers as the main attraction, but plenty of other tools built into the handles – such as knives, de-scalers, awls, and other useful implements.  Some models even include a can opener…

5 – A great fillet knife

Want to make a fisherman happy? Give them a better fillet knife. Fillet knives need to be extremely sharp to make the best cuts and lose the least meat. The sharper the better – and for best results, look for a knife with a nice grippy handle so that it’s easy to hold onto when making cuts.

6 – High-quality sunglasses

Finally, think of your own needs. You need a great pair of sunglasses when you’re out on the water all day. You should have at least one genuinely good pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection, made of sturdy materials that can stand up to an afternoon of angling. Look for glare-reduction lenses which can also help you spot fish!

Once you’re geared up, it’s time to hit the water – and have a great time.

Izzy Casey

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