Royal Holiday Vacation Club Brings More to Vacation

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Some of the events in life most looked forward to are vacations. This is true for all income levels and every family size. Vacationers save, plan, and map out their escape. 

Whether travelers plan to take their family to a tropical destination or count the days to their Winter wonderland ski vacation, time away is an essential part of the year. It is also one of the more significant expenses in their lives. 

Vacation clubs like the Royal Holiday Vacation Club, one of the top-rated vacation memberships in the industry, are an option to assist travelers in making the most of their savings and planning when creating the vacation of a lifetime.

Vacation Clubs As An Option

While the primary timeshare allows members to own a specific amount of time to be used each year, the vacation clubs provide memberships that give access to vacation destinations, often at discounted prices, with more flexibility in locations, times, guests, and accommodation types. 

The member typically pays an initial fee and then an annual fee depending on the purchased membership level. The purchased level will provide the member with a specific number of credits for accommodations and membership duration, typically 30 years. 

Royal Holiday memberships also offer additional benefits such as lower prices for tours and special trips and travel agency services. 

What Royal Holiday Has To Offer

There are five Royal Holiday memberships, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Royal. Within each of those memberships, except for the Royal membership, there is a plus level adding additional benefits and various amounts of credit value. 

The variety of membership levels and versatility of benefits allows members to tailor the Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership to meet the needs of their family. 

Once membership is purchased, some vacation clubs offer the member the ability to sell or transfer the vacation credits. Royal Holiday allows members to rent out the holiday credits they don’t plan to use for the year using their Venture program. 

This helps members to offset their investment in years when they won’t be able to take full advantage of the membership. The available destinations include many areas such as Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Central, and South America, Africa, and Asia. 

Travelers can even choose a cruise with one of their affiliate cruise lines, such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean, if that is preferred. Members can choose accommodations, including hotels, parks and resorts, condominiums, and villas. 

Pros and Cons of Royal Holiday Vacation Club Memberships

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Of course, Royal Holiday memberships have pros and cons, as with any vacation investment. Before investing, it is wise to explore the advantages and disadvantages and how they fit your vacation needs, both now and in the long term.

Pros of a Royal Holiday Membership

Due to its network of facilities, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club can provide a substantial list of locations and accommodations for its members with various credit costs, occupancy numbers, and available vacancies. 

These options also mean more flexibility in both the type of accommodation and the location of the accommodation for the member allowing them to tailor their vacation to their needs. 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club allows travelers to be in charge of their own vacation choices while providing benefits, extra savings, and a wide range of options. Members can choose to save, accumulate, accelerate, roll over, rent or even lend their holiday credits. 

Depending on the membership level chosen, members can bring additional guests and will have access to a variety of accommodation sizes and locations. They offer the assistance of advisers to help plan the trip and ensure that travelers have everything they need when they arrive at their chosen destination. 

Another perk of membership is the ability to enjoy extra rewards for utilizing the membership best, such as traveling more and making their payments on time.

Cons of a Royal Holiday Membership

If a member cannot use the credits earned during any given year, members may be able to accumulate unused credits for the following year. This may not be all the credits earned for that year but only a portion. 

Additionally, for the best Royal Holiday experience, it is wise to plan as registration is often required months in advance of the desired vacation dates and is limited to the season of your preference when becoming a member. 

There are also reasonably high reservation cancellation fees based on how close to the reservation date the cancellation is made.

Showing Value To Members

With the ability to make reservations online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, members can easily find time to schedule their vacations. Members can get help from Royal Holiday to take advantage of packaging, putting together the complete vacation experience with travel, accommodations, and entertainment into one. 

Royal Holiday also provides various seasonal offers and promotions to continue adding value to memberships. Making the most of your time and money when planning to explore the world on vacation can be easily accomplished with the help of a Royal Holiday vacation club membership. 

It can offer families and individuals a way to see and do more on their vacation. Whether exploring the beaches of Cozumel or speeding along a roller coaster in Orlando, getting the most value out of both time and money is essential. Selecting a suitable membership with as much variety and options as possible will go far in booking your next great vacation.

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