Why Backpackers Should Consider a Sailing Vacation

Many of the people who choose backpacking have high responsibility jobs managing make decent to good money, but have lots of stress. They don’t plan for it to occur nor do they expect it at the level it occurs, but with business today being as competitive as ever and companies demanding increasing positive results, it undoubtedly happens.

Stress is not only a really bad state of mind, it is physically debilitating and can cause long term health problems particularly if someone is exposed to too much stress for too long.

There are many ways to relieve stress that have proven effective. Many people meditate, do yoga, exercise regularly, play video games or take up in hobbies to get their minds off work and allow them to reset their focus.

Although these strategies work, often people experiencing stress need to take an extended period away from their stressful jobs and this means a vacation where they can relax and let things go. And for many high end executives, taking a trip that sheds their stressful life is the best thing to do.

How about going to a foreign country and doing some sailing. This type of vacation can be low end or high end and will fit into your vacation choice even if you want to live like a backpacker.

Sailing is Beloved

Sailing is beloved by those who do it regularly partly because of its ability to relieve stress. The idea is to Chartering a beautiful sailboat, fully crewed or by yourself if you have the credentials to have the most wonderful, carefree time, without any possible need to end up calling car accident lawyers.  You can spend hours and days out on the endless seas getting lost in the beauty and magnificence. The calm of the water and the tranquility will lower your stress levels and keep you in that state all day. After a short time your problems seem small and unimportant.

You can also take up stress shedding pastimes when sailing. Sailing is the perfect time to do some fishing. You can choose to fish for small fish or try your luck at large varieties that will take more effort to bring on board. Either way, fishing is one of the most relaxing endeavors around.  Sailing is also the perfect activity for snorkeling or scuba diving. Floating in and under the blue water with no sounds other than your breathing is abundantly peaceful.

When you choose to sail you should select a waterway that is known for its calm and beauty. With these attributes in mind, the perfect place to sail is the Mediterranean Sea. These calm and beautiful waters offer a chance to spend weeks in an area of the world that is filled with beautiful sights and amazing places. You can choose to sail past them or stop at any of them to enjoy the cultural sights, lie on the beach, interact with the locals, and experience the cuisine and trek across the landscape. Spend any amount of time you like at any of them and double back to the places you found special. There are also many of the world’s top luxury hotels and spas that you can visit to be pampered any time you please.

Sailing on the Mediterranean is not only a one of a kind experience it just might be the most relaxing getaway in the world for backpackers.

Izzy Casey

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