Four Things to Consider When Renting a Villa

The Phi Phi Islands are often regarded as one of the best destinations in all of Thailand. If you are traveling to this gorgeous country, going to the Phi Phi Islands should be very high on your list. From the gorgeous beaches to the mysterious sea stacks, the Phi Phi Islands give you a sense of wonder and amazement as you start exploring them. If you are traveling with a partner to these gorgeous islands, renting a private villa is an excellent idea. The islands are an excellent choice for people who are traveling with their partners and looking for a relaxing experience. There are a number of private villas that you can rent if you are planning to stay at the Phi Phi Islands. But, it’s important that you take some important factors into account before making a booking. Here are four important things to consider when renting a villa.

  1. Location

Where is the villa located? Is it located in the corner of the islands or is it situated right in the center of the busy district? If you are thinking of getting away from your busy life, renting a villa away from the hustle and bustle of the city is obviously a wise move. You can check the location of the villa online and then get a better idea about the place itself. It’s important that you read about the major districts and places that you can visit on the islands, so you can check the location of the villa and figure out how much you will have to travel on a daily basis.

  1. Check Pictures of the Villa

More importantly, you need to check pictures of the villa to find out about the rooms and other amenities that are on offer. If you are traveling to the Phi Phi Islands to bond with your partner, you will expect some basic amenities, like a beautifully decorated bedroom, a swimming pool, and a garden. If you are going to book a pool villa in Phi Phi Island, this is the most important thing that you need to know.

  1. Price

How much is the villa costing you? Luxury villas in the Phi Phi Islands can easily cost thousands of Baht per night, so you should check the price of the villa when making a booking. Compare prices from various villas in the region to get a better idea. This will make it easy for you to figure out whether you should book a particular villa, or if you are getting a better value if you opt for another.

  1. Services

You also need to read a couple of reviews about what other guests have to say regarding the management. Do you get quality services at the villa? Is the food good? Do they offer any value added services? You will want to take these things into account to get the maximum value from your booking.



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